backflash restoration

Digital resto.

Allwins have always been one of my favorite ‘penny machines’. As a child in Great Yarmouth, once you got your eye in, you could come home with a bag of teeth rotting goodies.

Sunlight and heat has been the enemy of the backflash artwork of many, in particular Oliver Whales , machines and caused the original backflashes to shrink and split, rendering the machines unplayable.

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To recreate the artwork I scan the original backflash, make a swatch of the colours used in the original silkscreen process and then using Affinity and Photoshop, remaster the original as faithfully as possible.

Using my Epson wide format printer I make a print in lightfast inks on archival paper and then laminate it front and back


The finished artwork is printed onto archival heavyweight matte photo paper in lightfast pigment based inks then laminated front and back with a gloss laminate.