Specialist printing, 35mm film scanning, motoring posters,
Allwin backflashes

An Idle Man

“An Idle Man’s Brain is the Devil’s Workshop”

– John Bunyan

Current projects

Allwin Backflash Restoration

I now have a growing range of Allwin back and top flashes digitally restored, printed and double laminated. Click below to see the range

Motoring Posters

Unique motoring posters produced from my collection of Motoring ephemera. Click below to see more

A Small part of my collection of 'orphaned photographs'

35mm film scanning

I've amassed a collection of thousands of 35mm slides from the 50's to the 90's which I am currently digitising to present as prints or web images.

Photographic printing from film or digital files

Using Epson wide format printers I am able to produce enduring photographic prints like this image of the 1970 Monaco Grand Prix taken from a 35mm transparency.